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I am able to assist families, couples, adults, young adults, teenagers and children (10+) with a range of psychotherapeutic services.

These services cover: 


I have a keen interest in and experience with assisting individuals struggling with Depression and Anxiety related problems. If you are experiencing depression related symptoms such as emptiness, sadness, hopelessness, helplessness, worthlessness, a lack of pleasure, a lack of motivation and/or suicidality and/or if you are experiencing anxiety related symptoms such as worrying, stress, anxiety, restlessness, specific phobias, social phobia and/or panic attacks then contact me and we will make a plan to help you regain a sense of peace, confidence and fulfilment in your life.



Sometimes big things, scary things happen to us that we are not at all prepared for. It can feel like it has completely shattered our sense of being able to protect ourselves or our loved ones and it can completely destroy the life we had planned as well as our hope for the future. Figuring out how to make sense of what had happened and how to pick up all the pieces and put it back together again is a difficult task. The busyness of life often doesn't give us the luxury of taking enough time for us to figure out how to do this by ourselves. This is where I come in, I can help you speed up this process and help you in your quest to get your life back together again.


Addiction is more pernicious and common place than many of us would like to believe. Addiction is split into two broad categories, substance addictions and process addictions. Substance addictions include alcohol and drugs and process addictions include gambling, shopping and screen time addictions. At its core, addiction is a coping mechanism. A way to hide from unpleasant or painful thoughts, feelings or experiences. The problem with addiction is that although it makes us feel better in the short term, it creates more suffering in the long term. We can also come to rely so heavily on our addiction that we start to lose the ability to regulate our own emotions and this needs to be learned again from scratch. I can help you build the resolve you need to stop, give you the tools you need to maintain that resolve and help you identify healthier ways of coping with the stressors of life.

Services Part 2
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Where lines of communication have broken down and the connection between individuals have been lost, I can help individuals remember the reason for their relationship and help them unite behind it once again. I am able to help individuals reach down into the core of their needs and concerns and facilitate an environment where they feel safe to be vulnerable and share their thoughts and feelings, while being confident that they will be heard. This includes difficulties between couples, families, friends, parent-child and professional relationships.



Some children act out, some children retreat into themselves, some become uncompliant and some become overly compliant, whichever the case this is usually accompanied by intense and overwhelming emotions, emotions that your child likely doesn’t fully understand and often doesn’t feel like sharing. For me, the first and most important part of child therapy is to build a sense of trust and openness between me and your child. From there I can help your child build a strong and healthy sense of self and increase their ability to make sense of, and deal with, their emotions. I can help your child build better relationships (especially with you) and improve their communication skills. Much of child therapy, especially in the beginning, is non-verbal. I utilise activities, unstructured play, games and my relationship with your child to communicate with them. During the therapeutic process parents are often given psycho-education and parental guidance to help them facilitate the desired changes at home. This has been shown to speed up the therapeutic process considerably.


Often what stands between us and our fulfilment, between us and our success, is us. More often than not it is our fears, our doubts, our bad habits, our lack of focus and our lack of insight that stands in the way. As a psychologist and someone who personally seeks self-actualisation, I have spent over 10 000 hours understanding the many ways in which we hinder and hurt ourselves as well as the many ways we can help and heal ourselves. You only live once, you may as well get as much out of it as you can. Let me help you become the person you wish to be. Let me help you build the life you wish to have. Let me help you learn to help yourself.

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